We try a poetic-political view of reality. Research as practice and method is the basis for cross-border and collective theatre in public space.


Stefan Nolte 

is an expert for research-based drama and site-specific city projects with contemporary witnesses, city actors and choirs. After studying directing at the Theater Academy in Hamburg, the theatre-creator has realized many independent projects, e.g. in Peenemünde, Bitterfeld, Zittau, Zurich and Berlin. 

Hendrik Scheel


designed theatre spaces for various drama and opera productions after studying stage and costume design. He has been working in public space since 2010, facing reality as a stage. He develops scenographies for participatory and immersive projects in urban space, for museums and schools.

Bernadette La Hengst

is a musician and performer with a penchant for socio-political issues and utopian ideas. Since 2004 she has realized countless participatory theatre-pieces as a musician, director and author. As an unconditional choir director, she founded numerous choirs in performative city and village projects.

Paul Brodowsky

studied "Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism" in Hildesheim. His plays were premiered at the Berlin Schaubühne and the Munich Kammerspiele. Research based work. Numerous grants and awards. Professor for "Scenic Writing" at the UdK Berlin.

Ruth Feindel

studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice in Hildesheim, Paris and York. In addition to developing plays with authors, her work focuses on projects based on interviews and research. She has been a lecturer at Suhrkamp Theater Verlag since 2015. She regularly teaches scenic writing at the UdK Berlin.


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Photo: David Baltzer