Grafik: Karin Lubenau



Das Landschaftstheater der neuen Gefährt:innen

(OTHERWARDS  The landscape theatre of the new compagnons)


At the end of the fossil age, recherchepraxis is developing a landscape theatre in which man decentralises and his ensemble expands to include erratics, hawkweed, worms, bacteria, Sorbian and other spirits. The landscapes of the Lusatian coalfield and the conditions of climate change are the testing ground for the new compagnons. Experts from a wide range of disciplines will be part of a process in which we will search for the utopian impulses of the dramatic landscapes, test communications and constellations and discover sustainable resources of both the landscapes and the theatre.




Winfried Böhmer; water expert, conservationist and politician.

Cynthia Browne; anthropologist

Karsten Feucht and Rainer Düvell:

Experts in participatory spatial perception, IBA Fürst Pückler-Land 2000-2010.

Siri Frech; expert for participatory processes and cooperative spatial development, facilitator

Julia Gabler: live sociologist

Alexander Harter; Landscape supervisor of the Bergen landslide and renaturation ecologist

Edith Penk; chronicler of the disappeared, connoisseur of native berries and mushrooms, expert on Sorbian legends

Kito Penk; expert on animals and plants at the edge of opencast mines

Marc Torbohm; expert on geology and bed load, musician


Thanks to Rebekka Schwarzbach from the Cottbus environmental group, Gernot Lindemann in Pritzen, Holger Schmidt, Frederik Zeugke and Prof. Knippschild with the Leibniz Institute for Ecological and Regional Development (IÖR), Görlitz.


Photo: Hendrik Scheel

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